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Finding Value

A discipleship tool for social workers, counselors, pastors, and mentors to use with a parent or caregiver to lead them to finding value in their child with disability.

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Resettlement Plan

A comprehensive tool designed to plan for a child’s resettlement with their biological family.

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What is Disability?

New to working with children with disabilities? This presentation will provide some introductory information to get you started

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Research & Statistics

A presentation outlining the state of disability in the world today.

Notable (Film)

The story of disability in Uganda.

Faith to Action - Research

A summary of research to help guide faith-based action.

Continuum of Care - Faith to Action

This guide gives an overview of “best practice” and alternative care options for children who have been separated from family care.

The Importance of Family - Faith to Action (Video)

This instructional webinar presents introductory information highlighting key orphan and vulnerable children statistics; reasons for placement in orphanages; findings on the importance of family and limitations of orphanages; and highlights Faith to Action resources for further information.

Continuum of Care - Faith to Action (Video)

This webinar looks at the range of alternative care options for children who have been separated from parental care and will emphasize family care.

Think Orphan: Addressing Root Causes and Rewriting the Story of Disability

A conversation with Jared Scheppmann, Executive Director of Ekisa Ministries in Uganda.

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