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Innocent's Story

Without Immaculate, Innocent’s life would most likely look a lot different today. His grandmother took him in after his parent’s weren’t able to provide the care he needed to thrive. He had suffered from malnutrition and neglect, and was far from the healthy, happy boy we’ve come to know and love. Immaculate is incredibly proud of how much Innocent has developed and grown since being brought into her home.

When we asked her about raising him she immediately pulled out a picture from her purse to show us what he used to look like. The transformation in Innocent is staggering. She shared,

It makes me very, very happy when I look at where he is now compared to when I first started caring for him. Look at him. He’s always so happy now; he doesn’t cry unless there is something wrong with him. I don’t want Innocent to ever go away from my family.”

Thanks to Immaculate, Innocent is growing up in a safe, nurturing and loving home. This has changed everything.

Today, Innocent is able to sit independently and he is able to hold and grip basic things like cups and toys. He is working hard in physiotherapy with the goal of eventually being able to walk and he is also attending school for the first time at Ekisa Academy. Immaculate shared,

He’s always very excited whenever I dress him in his uniform to go to school. He even recognizes the school bus that comes to pick him up. If you take Innocent somewhere and he happens to miss school, he can cry the whole day!” 

Looking ahead, Immaculate sees Innocent growing into a responsible young man who is able to interact well with everyone around him. She believes with all her heart that he will do something purposeful with his life. 

Today we celebrate grandmothers like Immaculate who have selflessly stepped in to raise children whose parents are unable to care for them.They deserve so much praise and celebration for doing so. At an age when they were ready to retire, they had the courage to start all over again. 

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