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Ekisa Ministries was founded in 2010 by two women, both named Emily. It was after a number of volunteer trips to Uganda when they chose to start an organization to address the lack of care and services for children living with disabilities.


Ekisa's work first began by opening a transitional home, where abused and abandoned children living with disabilities could be loved and cared for. The goal was for each child to return to, or join, a loving family. Soon after, Ekisa launched their Community Care Program, with the goal of strengthening and supporting families in the region. Families and children benefit from a number of services that address both the daily needs of a child with disabilities and the strengthening of the family. In 2015, of the 65 children within these families, only two were already attending school. The Ekisa team, compelled by their faith, sought to change this. That year, Ekisa Academy was born. The goal was to provide a high-quality and affordable specialized education to children in need.

Today, Ekisa Ministries is a faith-based NGO that exists to change the narrative of disability. Children of disability are the most marginalized and the most vulnerable in society, and so it is our desire as Christians to work to change this reality for children and their families. We are based in Jinja, Uganda and currently serve over 100 children throughout our region. 

Today, Ekisa is movement of people who want to make a difference for children of disability. Whether a faithful supporter, an ambassador on campus, or a volunteer in Uganda, we are made up of people with great love who declare value and worth over every child, no matter her or his disability.

If this sounds like a story you want to be part of, we invite you to join Team Ekisa today.

We welcome you with open arms.

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"God sets the lonely in families."

-psalm 68:6

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