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A Global Story is a opportunity to learn how disabilities affect the lives of children worldwide, 

and to be a part of changing their story. 

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QUOTES . . .

"We're not trained to work with children with disabilities..."


"There are other organizations who can provide more for them..."


"It is just more than we can handle..."

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All around the world, many children with disabilities are not thriving. They lack the support and services that they need.

What we have found to be true is that most organizations that work with vulnerable children are not equipped to work with children who have disabilities. They lack education and knowledge about what disabilities are and how they impact children. They lack key training and resources that will enable children with disabilities to thrive. Because of this, children with disabilities are often passed up or pushed aside. We aim to end this. 

Your support of A Global Story will enable Ekisa to equip others and make a global impact for children with disabilities.

In 2020, Ekisa started a new Training and Equipping department with the aim of changing this story by providing training, resources, and coaching to support organizations around the world to work with children with disabilities. Additionally, all of our programs at Ekisa have replication at their core, allowing us to reach more children where we are, and enabling others to implement programs to reach those who need it most.

From first-hand experience, we know the need for training and resources is widespread, greatly needed, and wanted. Those who are striving to make a difference in the world, are beginning to seek practical ways in which they can be a part of changing the story.

We will provide . . .

Resources to help practitioners serve children with disabilities better 

Consulting and training to help organizations reach children with disabilities in their programs 

Programs that can be replicated and reproduced to reach thousands more

"Over and over again I have heard even those who work with orphans and other vulnerable children say, 'we are just not equipped to deal with kids with disabilities.' I am so excited that Ekisa is going to help us get rid of excuses like that! Their model is working and we are anxious to learn from them so that we can see similar results here in eswatini."

-- Amy, Nonprofit Leader in eSwatini (Swaziland)

Replication is what we are working towards

Last year, Ekisa launched the Next Chapter Campaign. A three-year focus to fund Ekisa’s programs and, more importantly, to replicate what we have learned and use it to impact thousands of children with disabilities. 


This year-end, A GLOBAL STORY will draw attention to one of the major tenets of the Next Chapter Campaign.

Today, you can be the catalyst to that change. Thousands of children with disabilities are waiting to have a new story. Your gift will allow their stories to be rewritten and transformed, creating an immeasurable impact on their lives and forever changing their storyline. Together, let’s tell a better story, everywhere.