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Ekisa's Year-End Campaign:

So That All Would Be Valued

Much of Ekisa's work in serving children with disabilities 

involves changing the way they are valued. 

They are often viewed as unimportant, worthless, or cursed.

When we provide services like special education and devices like wheelchairs, it not only benefits a child, but also changes the way they are seen and valued by others. We know that when all are valued, all will find the love and support they need to thrive.


Nothing says valued like...

Giving the gift of mobility through assistive devices. It physically brings children up, getting them off the ground, putting them on the same level as their peers.

Giving the gift of special education. It shows others that a child is worth investing in regardless of how far they might progress.

Giving the gift of family to a child who has been separated. It shows them and their communities that a family is where every child should grow up, regardless of their disability.

These are a few examples of what your year-end gift will mean in 2023.


Your year-end gift today is essential to ensuring Ekisa's work continues in 2023. 




children and their families will receive social work services, medical support, and therapy through the Community Care program.

students who attend ekisa academy will receive tailored special education to help them to best succeed in life.

children living in Ekisa's transitional home will receive loving and high-quality care but more importantly a team of staff working tirelessly so that they might have a permanent family. 


 Your gift will allow their stories to be rewritten and transformed, creating an immeasurable impact on their lives and forever changing their story. Together, let’s tell a better story, one where EVERY CHILD IS VALUED.

Today, you can be the catalyst to that change.

boy in wheelchair with friend behind.png
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