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We’ve been talking about THE NEXT CHAPTER campaign for a couple of weeks now. We haven’t got into too many details but today we are excited to share some of those with you.

THE NEXT CHAPTER campaign will fund Ekisa’s vision for the next three years.

It will provide for our ongoing programs as well as our goals of replication, expansion, and equipping others. It will also allow us to establish a permanent location for Ekisa’s operations, Ekisa Academy, and our Transitional Home.


The next chapter is all about REPLICATION. We want to replicate our programs here in Uganda to reach hundreds of more children with disabilities. We want to equip other organizations so they can serve children with disabilities. We want to train other organizations in what we’ve learned about getting children back into families. We want to replicate the hope and help that we have seen so that thousands of more children worldwide can experience the same.

As we look forward to how Ekisa will replicate in the next 3 years, we see that vision coming to life in the following ways:

2 New Community Care Centers Our Community Care program has been serving families in the Jinja area who have a child with disabilities. We see new centers opening in other cities here in Uganda that will bring social work, therapy, and medical services to children with disabilities while helping to equip their families to better care for them and also find community.

3 Special Education Classrooms In order to give more children access to special education, Ekisa will go beyond our own walls and into partnerships with existing schools. We will help them to develop special education programs, and provide the staffing and training of special education teachers.

A Training and Equipping Department Worldwide there are millions of children with disabilities living in orphanages unnecessarily. 4 out of 5 of these children have a living parent. Ekisa is working and partnering with other global organizations to equip and train frontline workers on how to get children back home and provide the support they need.

A Permanent Home for Ekisa To continue our current work, and also to have a place from which our programs can grow, Ekisa needs to purchase land and build. From this place, Ekisa Academy will be able to serve 3x the number of students and provide vocational training. We will have a center for our community program to operate from serving children and their families. We will be able to add assisted living quarters for children who become more independent. A permanent home also means having purpose-built spaces designed to accommodate the accessibility issues of the children we serve.


We are excited because the foundation for this vision has already been in the works. There have been adjustments to our programs and staffing, plans have been made, questions have been asked and we have been working to ensure we are ready for this growth and replication. Partnerships continue to form with other organizations here locally in Uganda and globally; some that we will help to equip and others that will help to equip us. The next partnership we need is with you. Your choice to give to the next chapter campaign will not be benefiting Ekisa, it will be benefiting the thousands of children and families that are waiting for help. Partner with them by partnering with us today.

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