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Kato's Story

At only two weeks old, Kato suffered from a severe case of cerebral malaria which caused him to develop cerebral palsy. His mom, Rehema, was determined that his diagnosis would not define him, or their life as a family. 

She knew with access to the right support that Kato would not just survive, but thrive. They joined our Community Care Program in 2014, and Rehema has proudly watched as Kato has made progress from his hard work in physical, occupational, and speech and language therapy.

Today she beams whenever she shares how proud she is to be his mom. Her love for Kato is undeniable. She shared with us that her greatest source of joy in life is seeing her children happy. She said that getting to go to school for the first time has changed Kato's life. He is in Yellow Class at Ekisa Academy. Rehema shared,

"On school days Kato wakes up at exactly 5:00am to prepare for school… whenever he's told he's going to school he's very happy. On weekends or public holidays when he’s told he isn’t going to school, he becomes upset. He really enjoys school. He has learned so much. For him, there’s no need to sit at home!"

We wish everyone could get the chance to meet Rehema and visit her home. The moment you walked through her door you would see that her home is filled with love. She is a resilient mother who believes wholeheartedly in her son's God-given potential and worth. She is giving Kato the opportunity to flourish and grow in a loving, supportive home.

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