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Ekisa Ministries is a UK- and US-registered charity with the mission of improving the quality of life for children living with special needs in Uganda.

our mission

The mission of Ekisa Ministries is to improve the quality of life for children living with special needs in Uganda. This is accomplished through three core programs: Residential Care, Community Care, and Special Education.


In Luganda, one of the local languages in Uganda, Ekisa means "grace." By showing God's grace to children in Uganda living with special needs, they will be celebrated and seen as fearfully and wonderfully made. We believe in the worth and dignity of all human beings. By working alongside caring and dedicated members of the local community, we want to lead the way to end discrimination towards children living with special needs in Uganda.


We envision a Uganda where each child grows up in a loving family, despite his or her special need. We boldly dream of the day where differences are celebrated, no more children need to be institutionalized, and all those living with special needs are given the unconditional love and support they need. Today we stand in the gap and come alongside families to care, to serve, to educate, to listen, to empower, and to love.


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We believe all children have value because of their Creator who made them.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day! Today


We prioritize preserving and strengthening families because we believe it is God's design for children to grow up in families.

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We believe in having a holistic approach to helping children and families so that their daily lives can be improved for years to come.


helping not hurting

Rather than simply giving a handout, we believe in equipping people with the tools and knowledge to change their own circumstances.

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