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Advocates commit to being a continuous promoter of Ekisa in their local communities.

We expect that advocates will: 

  • Actively share, engage with, and promote Ekisa through their social media 

  • Help friends and family to learn more about Ekisa's work and ways that they can support 

  • Complete a challenge or goal each month of the year


We are looking for committed, dedicated, passionate people to become the voice of Ekisa through advocacy. You will become a part of the advocate community as well as given one-to-one support for any questions, tips, or help you may need.


Advocates will complete challenges/goals each month. These goals will range from tasks such as getting 10 new followers on social media for Ekisa to hosting a dinner or dessert night. Other opportunities may include setting up a booth at a local event or sharing about Ekisa to a church or community group.


Advocates will work from a goal calendar with suggested goals for each month, but if a timely opportunity arises in a certain month such as an event, a run, or some other way to promote Ekisa, that will count as completing your goal for the month. The overall idea is that each month you are doing something to "advocate" for Ekisa.

WHAT's in it

for me?

It's true that we are looking for people who are not in it for the rewards, but because they believe in the work of Ekisa and want to be a part of helping that work to grow. At the same time, we want to make sure that our advocates find purpose, grow in their understanding of how to use their gifts to glorify God, and find community in these efforts. 


Advocates will be part of an active community of others who believe in Ekisa as much as you do. We will send exclusive photos and videos of work happening in Uganda to our advocate group on Facebook to make sure that you get to see the amazing work that you are helping to make happen each and every day. Advocates will also receive some free and / or discounted merch so you can represent Ekisa where you are. The big reward will be for advocates who complete all 12 goals in a year, who will be eligible for the Advocate Trip to Uganda. For this trip, Ekisa will cover your in-country expenses (lodging, food, transportation) and you are only responsible for your airfare (with other details to be shared later).

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