We All Need A Break 

A Medical Campaign


Children with disabilities deserve to catch a break.

Give the gift of medical relief for those who need it most right now.


_Your gift is DOUBLED up to $5,000_

Tuesday, May 11th - Thursday, May 13th

We are committed to the wise stewardship of every donation. 


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The pandemic has exhausted us and shown us the value of our health.

All of us just want to catch a break,

especially those most affected by the pandemic.


Children with disabilities and their families undoubtedly feel the same way.  They often deal with medical emergencies, cannot afford life-saving medications, and feel isolated from their communities.

Now, more than ever,

these children and their families deserve to catch a break

This week, we need to raise at least $10,000 of the $32,000 that will be spent on medical services in 2021.

Joshua*, a new child on our programs, and his grandmother.

He's one of 140 children we serve in Uganda, all with their own unique medical needs.


Your gift will provide for many children and many families as Ekisa provides  essential medical services  to them.

It will ensure that we can provide these services 

to new and existing families through the rest of the year.

What will your gift provide now?

Prescription medications

24/7 medical care for 17 residential children

Cost-sharing medical expenses for 100+ community children


Emergency medical expenses

Additionally, just like last year, you will have the opportunity to write notes of encouragement to the children and families we serve.

We will write them out on cards and deliver them with the care packages that, for fun, will include a packet of Kit Kats, a sweet way of symbolizing the break your donation will bring to children and families in need.

At the end of this difficult season of life,

we can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's give a break to those who need it most.

Want to hear a little more? 

The pandemic has allowed all of us to experience in new ways what it's like to have our daily lives disrupted. Imagine never knowing anything different. Living with a constant uncertainty as to if your child will get what they need today -- this what parents of children with disabilities face daily. Their medical needs are often frequent, difficult to treat, and overwhelming.

That’s the reason for the  We All Need A Break  campaign.


This is to address two needs: raising medical funds to help children with disabilities through 2021 & giving much needed hope and encouragement to children and their families after an incredibly difficult year.

Over the past year, everything has increased: the cost of medications, the frequency of emergency surgeries, and the number of children we are serving. With the opening of our new Ekisa / Tebow Community Care Center, we have taken on 60 new children with disabilities to serve. In 2021, we need more people to join with Ekisa to meet the medical needs of so many.  

Watch this short video of Matthias and his father, a new family served by Ekisa: