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As you know, Ekisa very much believes that family is the answer and we work hard for the placement of children into families and the preservation of existing families. We have been recognized as an organization implementing solutions that bring real change to the issues of family separation globally and asked to partner with Orphan Myth.


Orphan Myth is an organization created to bring awareness to the misconceptions surrounding orphans and family separation and promote family reunification. They believe in one central truth:

children need families.


When we think of orphans, we usually think of children who have lost both parents, but far more often than not, children living in orphanages have a living parent. There are many reasons why children end up in orphanages, but truthfully, it should be a last resort. Revitalization of the orphan care system is desperately needed. Thankfully, around the world, there are many organizations that are implementing family-based solutions. Ekisa is proud to be one of those organizations working toward that end. 

Today, we are inviting you to help promote this cause,

that every child needs a family.

Starting March 25, The Orphan Myth along with Ekisa and 29 other great organizations, will launch the 100% participation campaign.

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This campaign is a collective commitment to one big idea:

It will take 100% of us to get 100% of children into a safe and loving family. 


There will be celebrities, influencers, and thousands of people

participating in this campaign and we need you as well!

What your participation will do ::

  1. Raise awareness about orphanhood and the myths that often surround it

  2. Raise funds directly for Ekisa which will fund our work of serving children with disabilities so they can thrive in families and communities.

What are we asking? 

Sign up to support Ekisa by creating a crowdfunding page.

The Campaign is a crowdfunding campaign, but rather than having a dollar amount as a goal, the goal is 100% participation. You can set a goal of getting 5 (or 50) people to support Ekisa.


What matters more is THAT they give rather than how much. It is a call for people everywhere to learn about and take action by financially supporting children being in family. 


Over the two weeks, share or write posts that help people learn more about issues, misconceptions, and solutions. Both Ekisa’s and Orphan Myth’s social media pages will be putting content out daily. 

Publically and personally, ask people to join you in your support of Ekisa and to donate to your page to help you reach your goal.

Ready To Participate?? 


Go to

Find Ekisa under the partners section

Click the create team button

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Sign up by following the steps shown

  • Pick a goal of how many people you want to get to participate 

  • If you have a group that wants to do it together as team, great! If not keep it simple and just sign up as an individual


press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom


From March 25th-April 8rd share, invite, and ask others to help you reach your goal.  

Tag Ekisa and use any of these hashtags

#OrphanMyth #TeamEkisa #OrphanCare #FamilyPreservation #FamilyReunification #FamilyBasedCare #FosterCare #EveryChildDeservesAHome #EveryChildDeservesAFamily #100Percent#100PercentParticipation #EveryoneIn #TheOrphanMyth #AllTogether