At Ekisa, we believe that working together is the best way to work. Below are some of our partners who are doing amazing things here in Uganda and abroad. Please take the time to learn more about each of these amazing ministries.

99 Balloons was founded in 2007, and since has grown to become an organization that helps others engage children with special needs locally and globally. 99 Balloons was one of Ekisa's first partners, and now they have become family.

Learn more about them here:

Abide's heart is to see children in families. Abide works with caregivers at risk of abandoning or placing their children in institutional care. By providing early intervention for families in need, they hope to see institutional care become a last resort for children.

Learn more about Abide here:

Amazima Ministries a non-profit organization based located in Jinja, Uganda. Their mission is to live out the love of Jesus by educating and empowering the people of Uganda and the communities we serve. They do this through several different avenues which include; Education Sponsorship, Medical Care, and Various Vocational Initiatives.

Learn more about Amazima Ministries here:

The Christian Alliance for Orphans unites 180+ respected organizations and a global network of churches. Our joint initiatives inspire and equip Christians to live out effectively the Bible’s call to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Learn more about The Christian Alliance for Orphans here:

The Child's i Foundation is in the business of making families, not orphans. By training and equipping social workers, they are raising the bar for orphan care in Uganda. We are so thankful for their commitment.

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Chosen & Dearly Loved helps orphaned children with special needs around the world by partnering with organizations caring for them, and by promoting and supporting special needs adoptions. They have partnered with Ekisa from our first days in Uganda.

Learn more about Chosen & Dearly Loved here:

"Walter's Flying Bus" is a beautiful, award-winning children's eBook for iPad & iPhone, which was inspired by 9 children of Ekisa sharing their life dreams through art therapy.

Learn more about "Walter's Flying Bus" here: Walter's Flying Bus App