Ekisa Ministries International is a non-profit organization based out of Fishers, Indiana. Ekisa Ministries provides those living with special needs in Uganda, East Africa, a place of understanding and assists them in their physical, mental, and spiritual growth. In Luganda, a local language of Uganda, Ekisa means "Grace." By showing God's grace to children in Uganda living with disabilities, we wish to see each child transformed by His glory. In Uganda, living with special needs is often seen as a curse, and it is not uncommon for these people to be shunned by their communities and even their own families. At Ekisa, we create a safe and nurturing environment for people living with special needs who need to know love, acceptance, and a place to call home for a little while. We also work with communities and families in an effort to change the negative views towards people living with special needs and empower families to better care for their child living with special needs. By empowering these families, we fully believe they will be the catalyst of change here in Uganda.


We envision a Uganda where each child grows up in a loving family, despite his or her disability. We dream of children being cared for by parents, relatives, or neighbors whom can offer them the long-term, unconditional love, attention, and support they need. Our vision sees the end of discrimination towards children and adults living with special needs in Uganda – it hopes instead for celebration of differences. We boldly dream of the day where no more children need to be institutionalized.  And until the day comes when Ekisa’s services are no longer needed, we will stand in the gap – to give respite to children whom need love and care, and empower parents and families to best care for their children.


Our staff members at Ekisa have the unique opportunity to stand up for children living with special needs. Through this, they are able love and celebrate each child, even when others in the community most often will not. The care and acceptance our staff displays makes a lasting and profound difference in each child's life. At Ekisa, half of our staff members have a child with living with special needs or they themselves are living with special needs. We love the insight and acceptance this brings to our team, as we are all able to grow and learn from one another. Many of our staff members with special needs have never had the opportunity to work because of their disability or they have been unable to afford transport to work. Ekisa works with these staff members to provide employment opportunities and transportation costs. For our staff members who have a child living with special needs, we offer day care so they can bring their child to work. We are so thankful for our amazing staff – we truly would not be able to exist without their hard work!

Below you can meet some of our core team members from our team of nearly 60. You can meet the rest of the team through #EkisaIntroductions on Instagram!
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